About Us

Grid Private Limited offers business solutions through effective use of mobile. Pegg App is a versatile solution for People engagement, Opinion and Feedback, Digital branding and Marketing, CSR, Micro Learning and more. The company has launched the flagship App solution Pegg.
Pegg was conceived by grey haired IT veterans, Cyber security professionals and consultants with a vision to blend mobile with business needs. Pegg is a platform to Engage employees across corporate or at reach out to People at large.
Pegg fits perfectly well in today’s Mobile culture, Industry needs, learning trends, ease of Use to exploit full potential of People Engagement. Pegg drives Maximum Benefits at Lowest Operational Costs.
People behind App are established Cyber Security, Risk and Compliance consultants (www.tech-controls.com). The App is architected by this team who have more than 60+ years experience developing and delivering business application solutions.