Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy and Terms of Use

Pegg App - The application means the Mobile App provided by “People Grid Private Limited” company,  (hereinafter known as Pegg). The Pegg APP is FREE for use by all registered users. 

Users of APP: The users can be Employees of companies or any user (public at large) from any location within or outside India.

Sponsor of App: Any Corporate company, NGO, Government Agency or any other who see the APP as being useful for promotion of awareness of their rules, policies, information, products and services. Awareness message are known as campaigns which come under different category of awareness (Eg Cyber Awareness, etc).

Consent - On installing the Pegg App (as defined), and clicking on Privacy Pplicy at time of registration, users give consent to use and agree to terms of the application.

Purpose:  Pegg is designed for purpose to engage people and spread awareness on various topics through meaningful message campaigns.

  • The campaigns raise the awareness levels of users, employees and citizens on various categories such as including Cyber Security awareness, HR or admin policies, products and services.

  • Users shall (1) Read and understand the message to be aware, (2) Provide opinion on Topic and (3) Give feedback to collect points. Points can be (4) redeemed after answering simple question to recall the knowledge and awareness.

  • Points collected by Users can be redeemed for Cyber Champ certificates, other products, goodies, coupons, discounts etc as available or offered by sponsors. 

  • Sponsors can generate Reports on Real Time on their campaign on Awareness Topics, Opinion or feedback based on data collected. The reports are presented in summarized formats at Category or Group level.

  • In case individual is Employee of a company running the campaigns then Individual data may be provided on request or custom report generated as desired by the sponsor, subject to subscription conditions of APP and Sponsor.

Personal Data Protection

At time of registration (first time) Pegg collects User Mobile Number, Department in case of Employees, Gender and Age Slab ( Below 18, 18-30, 30-49, Above 50).

Pegg may collect Name and Email Address during the redemption stage, if data is required to process redemption. Any data collected or maintained related users, sponsors shall remain confidential and secure with Pegg for the purpose of completion of delivery of services, including that of redemption services.

Sensitive data like User Name, Address, email, Mobile number, Sponsor, Customer Name, Product Names etc are encrypted inside the systems and database. 

Encryption makes the data unreadable to our Admin and software development teams or inside storage in databases. The data is visible to Authorized Employees of Pegg company using the Administration Module (Frontend Software) for purpose of configuration, delivery of messages and ensuring the APP works smoothly without any problems.

Pegg shall NEVER share the individual or sponsor contact data with anyone unless required by law enforcement agencies or Regulatory bodies.

Data Subject Rights (Users): 

Users can uninstall the APP at any time they wish.

User may be made INACTIVE, if requested by their employer, in case APP is pushed to employees of company.

Children Protection Policy: Users below < 18 years of age are allowed to install App. Pegg App is a platform to raise awareness, knowledge through useful information related to Cyber awareness, Entertainment, social and other interesting topics. Information on topics such as porn, drugs, Tobacco, Alcohol, marketing of restricted products or services are not included and not planned to be used by Pegg in future also.  

Changes / Forget: Pegg APP keeps minimal individual data as explained in purpose section above. Still, if any individual who has installed the APP may first uninstall the APP and send a request for Deletion (Forget) of user own data to . On receipt of request Pegg team shall anonymize your data for eg Mobile Number to - 9xxxx xxxxx, Name to Abcd etc, such that it becomes useless for any one reading the data and the data can in no way be related to that individual user.    

Availability and Versions

Pegg team shall ensure that APP services are always up and running. However, there are other Force Majeure factors beyond our controls including Internet connections, speed, Location of use, disruption of service of providers which may affect the availability of APP.

Pegg reserves the right to upgrade the APP versions, add / remove features as necessary to make the APP popular and more useful for its users.

In case version changes have any affect on Personal Data storage and use, the Privacy policies shall be suitably kept up-to-date as necessary.